Thursday, May 07, 2009

time flies

but I have not been having fun.
I have been swamped with end of the semester papers, projects and exams
I have been stressed out and overwhelmed
and not much fun to be around I hear

So I turn in one more project tonight, have one more exam next week and I am done!!!
for a month.

Then summer session starts.
I originally had planned to take 2 classes. After some soul searching and reevaluating my priorities, I decided to just take one class. And in the fall, just take one class. And in the spring, we shall see.

When I am in school, that takes priority, and everything else has to line up behind. Well on my list of priorities, school is around number 4 or 5.
So I am slowing down. It will add a year till graduation, I only have 9 classes left. But I don't care.

I do care about my family, my personal artwork and having time to explore other interests.

So expect to see more of me here, soon...


Sarah said...

Oh-hope things slow down a bit and you can do what you really want to do.

canngil said...

hang in there. it is hard, but so worth it when finished. I got my masters at age 45 with three kids at home and a very supportive husband. Of course, the house has never looked the same, but it was worth it in the pleasure I have gotten in doing what I love. It also sets a good example to your kids of how important education is in your life.

sarah said...

I love hearing stories like that, thanks for sharing.
I'm not quitting school, no way, I'm just slowing down a bit. I find my life becoming a bit unmanageable, and everything gets done, but not done well. I have been concentrating on the finish line for so long that life is passing me by, so I'm taking back control.
I do like that my kids see me doing 'homework' and telling them 'mama is going to school now'
They can just get used to the idea of being in school for a long long time.