Monday, May 18, 2009


I haven't painted any fairies in a while, and it was fun to make some wings. I may be doing some more in the future, as I will be showing at Archon (science fiction convention) again this year. I had such a great experience, and got LOTS of positive feedback and even made some money. Last year I showed as an amateur, but may go professional this time. Their requirements are that you are published (I am) and generate your income from your craft (writing, art, game design...) and I do. It's not much of an income, and after talking to other pro's at the the con, that seems typical, but it is an income. Being pro means you get a write up in their convention guide, get a special ribbon on your badge, and will be judged for the art show amongst the other professionals. I was a finalist for the amateur art show last year, but didn't win, so have no illusions for winning this year, but it's all good.
I'm getting excited, can you tell?


Lindsey said...

This is awesome! Yes, it's so hard to make it as an artist, especially right now. Of ALL the artists I know, only ONE has ever supported his family on his art, for everyone else, they must have a day job. How sad is that?

And I have done the scarf thing so many times, it's hard to count them! It's a great gift, inexpensive, and people LOVE the homemade quality. They know you spent time specifically on them. My only problem is that everyone I know has one, so I'm out of ideas! For the last few years I've sold them for $10 before Christmas and each year I've made a few hundred bucks. But now I have the same problem: I've used up my market!

sarah said...

Yes, I've considered that after everyone gets a scarf this year, what will I do for next? Maybe knit grocery bags? Anyone have ideas for knit gifts?