Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Much larger than i'm used to working, like 12" x 10"
I would like to go larger still, I'll get there...

Much of yesterday was spent painting, my house. With the help of my brother, we got the hallway, dining room and some of the great room done. Tomorrow we will paint the two vaults in the great room, if my ladder and my roller on a stick can reach.
A newly painted room is one of favorite things. I love what we did yesterday, it's called mesa taupe, and it's, taupe, but its' a beautiful taupe i swear. it looks clean and modern and velvety. I'm doing the two vault walls with a seafoamy bluey color. It might sound strange, but I have high hopes.

I think it's a great way to start the summer.

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Mundo Mundaca said...

Hi Sarah,
I found your blog by chance and I was amazed with your work.
It is so luminous and such expressive healthy illustrations.
I am not critical of art nor anything.. but I know how to recognize something fantastic and not vulgar when I see it.
I will accompany your work now
My sincere congratulations!
Yasmin Mundaca