Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and Goal for May

I hope all the mother's have a relaxing day ahead of them, I have a brunch, then a trip to the brand new super mega JoAnn's. I think dinner will be at my parents house. So lot's of driving, but no cooking :)

I take my last final on Tuesday, and would like to start something for the month that I will be out of school. Sunday through Thursday, I want to do a painting a day, so you will be able to find some sort of new artwork here. I'm taking Friday and Saturday off as my 'weekend'.
I did something similar in January, but I posted new work everyday, I think I missed two days the whole month. It was an incredible journey and my work really evolved. I'm ready for that growth to happen again.

I will start today with this new painting. I have been experimenting with thicker paint application (impasto), working more intuitively and everything is looser. This will be listed on ebay tonight for buy it now $75

I titled the painting 'Beginnings'


Silke said...

What a great painting! I'm looking forward to following your painting-a-day journey. Have a wonderful day... :) Silke

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Sarah. Your art is awesome, always love each one you create.

Sandy said...

I am amazed you have been able to produce as much as you have whilst doing studies!

I loved the progression in your January work, that's when I became a regular fan. So, it will be fun to see what develops in the upcoming intensive art period.

Sandy in the UK

Jane said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope yours was a good one.
Ever decide on a camera?