Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tap, tap, tap, anyone here?

When I was wrapping all those gifts, on that special night of the year, I didn't think of what it meant for the next day. I had images of the lazy days, months ahead, playing the new board games, oh so many of them. visions of performing mad science experiments with my two little chemists, from their new kits. baking miniature cakes by the warmth of a single 100 watt bulb. But i did not envision attempting to fulfill all these fantasies in the next 24 hours!

I have risen to the challenge though, and with my thumbs sore from punching out cardboard pieces, and my brain pounding from reading so many directions and instructions. we have played, read and shuffled our way through most of it.

Pure fun I tell you. I will be sad when my playmates return to school.

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