Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to Normal

I got all my art fair applications sent and now I wait... Well not really, now I get back to tending my ebay and etsy shops! Poor, neglected things. I think it was a good break though, I am full of excitement and energy and new ideas for work.
I listed two new original paintings on ebay last night.

My heart lies with contemporary art as well as with figurative folk art, so I decided to explore some ideas I've had with a more modern edge.
I've been a bit obsessed with birds lately. You might remember my struggle to find a squirrel proof bird feeder earlier this year. I finally found one and have been enjoying the bird show ever since. I even spotted our woodpecker. I've heard him for years and he made an appearance at our feeder last week.
I'm not interested in faithfully representing a bird, I'm interested in exploring shape, pattern and color. Here is my first offering...

It has a bit of a mosaic feel to it too, altogether I'm happy.

Next was more of a traditional piece for me, I'm trying to push myself in loosening up, being more adventurous with the shape of the figure, and working BIG. I am meditating on the words BE BRAVE. I can create the same piece over and over, but I'm not growing, and not satisfying my creative spirit.

On ebay here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Almost there

My Sunday deadline came and went for my big art fair photo shoot, but I am still trudging along, trying to meet my 'real' arbitrary deadline of tonight.
The actual deadline is June 25, and if you want to pay double the application fee, it's July 5.
Here is where everything is at...

Three panels are built. Not perfectly and may still go through revisions, but good enough for now. I have three.

I am covering them with a black burlap pillowcase which allows me to poke things in to hang my paintings.

And here is Lila demonstrating her new skill she learned while I was distracted with this project.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Every year we plant a couple tomatoes. This year they are coming up so nicely. On our three plants I counted eight baby tomatoes, I'm even thinking we might get to enjoy one on the 4th of July.

We also added a pumpkin plant this year. I think it would be so cool to let the kids carve Jack O' Lanterns out of pumpkins they grew. Also I would like to try to make a homemade pumpkin pie.

This plant is growing like gangbusters. The leaves are huge and it has lovely yellow flowers.
I know it's not quite a victory garden, but I wanted to start small, and to make sure I can manage the care for these plants all summer. Growing vegetables takes a lot of tending for months before you reap the rewards in late summer and early fall. It's hard for me to keep interest in things with such delayed gratification. But this project is going well. I'm loving how beautiful the plants are by themselves and taking a lot of enjoyment from watching them grow. I also have a basil, a jalapeno and a raspberry bush, which won't fruit for at least one year.

This process kind of reminds me where I am artistically. I haven't been listing new paintings on ebay or etsy (though lots of prints are up) because I've been preparing to enter my first true juried art fair. I've been busy creating new pieces, larger pieces and attempting to construct a booth. This weekend is kind of the deadline I set for myself, so hope to photograph everything and email my slides tomorrow. Lot's of preparation for one big payoff, emotionally. I'm very excited about the prospect of crossing this off my to-do list and getting back to 'normal'. Look for new work listed on ebay and etsy soon...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Spoiler Alert!!! Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

I discuss the ending of Bravo's Work of Art from Wednesday night. Stop reading if you haven''t watched it yet!!!


I will never claim to be a reviewer of any sort, but I do have a few comments to make after watching the last “Work of Art” on Bravo.

I thought about the upcoming episode more times than I care to admit during the week.

I am anxiously awaiting the next episode.

I’m not sure if I like the show all that much or I am determined to like it NO MATTER WHAT

Trong was annoying and pretentious for two weeks.

Miles was very likeable in the first week and is slowly becoming annoying and pretentious. Ummm, no one asked you what you thought of Trongs piece, though to Trongs credit he took it very well. Also, all the giant yawns and eye rubbing was a bit over the top. We get it. You have OCD and you are very tired. Perhaps there are other contestants with issues as well but you don’t see them talking about it, much less in every interview.

Yes I am compassionate to those with OCD, just as I am compassionate to those with depression, addictions, brain damage, diabetes, etc. of which we know AT LEAST one other contestant suffers from. (Eric Johnson disclosed his motorcycle induced brain damage this week)

Oh yeah, I guess there was art too… I loved the theme for the week, but was a bit disappointed with most of the projects. Too many tv’s were used in the same way (the demise of American culture). Yes tv is bad. But if you didn’t notice, you are on a TV SHOW, and millions other are at home watching you on tv, don’t be so quick to bite the hand that feeds you.

I think Trongs elimination was appropriate. I mean painting “I hate reality tv” “It’s so fake” was less a stroke of genius and more a swift hara-kiri.

I did like Peregrine’s quiet, unassuming piece. Two small tv’s facing each other, turned on to static, with a black tube netting connecting them. It may have accomplished more simply Trong’s desire to have tv’s talking to each other.

After the show was over I did feel a let down. I still have high hopes, and think the show may still be working out the kinks so I will be watching, till the very end.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Ever had a Vietnamese iced coffee?
I've been racking my brain, trying to remember the first time I tasted this tasty concoction. I think my friend Erica was involved somehow and it was around 15 years ago. I worked in many coffee shops and remember making them as well, though we used these cool little coffee brew/drip things that would sit on top of your glass. I was craving one lately so decided to make my own. All you need is some sweetened condensed milk (yummmm) a shot of espresso and ice.

That's the sweetened condensed milk on the bottom, espresso in the middle and foam on the top. Stir it all together... add ice... and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Remember Me?...

I've missed you little blog and I hope I haven't lost all my readers! This has been a busy, beautiful summer.
I finished up my course in May
Lila finished her semester at Little Gym

Paul played on a T-Ball team and did great (even though he was less than enthusiastic about it)
Lots of water and mud play

Season tickets to 6-flags
and it's just the beginning!
I plan on cherishing every minute left