Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Remember Me?...

I've missed you little blog and I hope I haven't lost all my readers! This has been a busy, beautiful summer.
I finished up my course in May
Lila finished her semester at Little Gym

Paul played on a T-Ball team and did great (even though he was less than enthusiastic about it)
Lots of water and mud play

Season tickets to 6-flags
and it's just the beginning!
I plan on cherishing every minute left


jgr said...

Well they are both precious and Lila is a beauty!
Glad you're all having a good summer.

sarah said...

Thanks! I just love these ages (3 and 6)

Amanda said...

Glad to hear you are having a blast through summer Why Not!!!

Icy Cold here in Melbourne, Australia.

Gorgeous age, they grow up so fast ours are 8 & 12.

Love your work Sarah only came across it a few months ago..
Take care


sarah said...

Thanks Amanda! I can't imagine cold weather right now, it's 91 today and steamy and humid