Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Almost there

My Sunday deadline came and went for my big art fair photo shoot, but I am still trudging along, trying to meet my 'real' arbitrary deadline of tonight.
The actual deadline is June 25, and if you want to pay double the application fee, it's July 5.
Here is where everything is at...

Three panels are built. Not perfectly and may still go through revisions, but good enough for now. I have three.

I am covering them with a black burlap pillowcase which allows me to poke things in to hang my paintings.

And here is Lila demonstrating her new skill she learned while I was distracted with this project.


Jess *^_^* said...

Lila looks so graceful up there! I wish i could do that :) Good luck with the preperations!xx

iHanna said...

haha, the image of Lila makes me laugh with joy, she is one cool girl!

sarah said...

I laugh too, she's a delight!