Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This is a linocut I did called "Flowered"
All I can say is "how fun!"
If you have never tried, I recommend it. I got the lino block at a craft store and it was so soft and easy to cut. The cutting tools were easy to use too, able to do quite delicate work, though some of that get lost in printing.
I did an edition of 8 prints. This is 3 of 8 and it is available on ebay.
The bottom is numbered, titled and signed (name/date) at the bottom.


sUz said...

wOw saRah!
She's gorgeous - nice work! I can tell your really enjoyed the process :)
iN jOy,

Julie Fillo said...

Love it! I have always wanted to try this. I can see you shining through in this new medium.

Janine said...

I absolutely love it! Great job Sarah!

lil kim said...

nice one! I've always loved the look of linocuts.

jules frost said...

I love it! I love printmaking... the smell of relief ink makes my heart pound. =) this is an excellent linocut, too!

Lindsey said...

beautiful! I love linocuts. And I love this one. Do you sell your stuff on Etsy too? I've heard it's a better venue for art (although my stuff isn't really what the people want... I think you could pull this one off, especially for a card or something.)