Monday, May 11, 2009


This painting has kind of a stained glass look. It wasn't intentional at the onset, but developed that way. The colors are all sort of muted with turquoise being the most saturated.
I'm usually terrified to start painting with out a plan,
but when I do,
just sometimes,
it all works out.

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Silke said...

It's beautiful! Sometimes we get great surprises when we don't have a plan. :) Silke

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always. You have a touch of beauty and mystery in every piece!

justagirl said...

I love the colours, I am the same as you, not fond of starting without a plan... but I think you should do it more often, really lovely.

Thanks for your comment, I am bookmarking your blog.

Amy Perrotti said...

I love this piece! She is very sweet and demure. I have a thing for blue lady pieces. Nice job!

Coralie colorie said...

Thanks for passing by !
I like your works too !