Friday, May 15, 2009


My son wanted his room painted orange.
'Orange?!" i replied. Then looked at some magazines on decorating kids rooms and guess what? Orange is a very popular color for kids rooms. So I said ok, and got like 30 color chips and looked at them all in the light in his room, picked what i thought was a nice, pleasant, orange. Not to garish, not to pastel, just right.
just wrong it turns out. Three coats later, (apparently you should primer green walls before painting with orange) and I hate it.
I'm not against the idea of orange, but I needed it to have more white in it. To be just a touch lighter.
My husband just told me his friend told him that psychologically, white rooms make people lonely, blue rooms make them calm and orange rooms make them angry....
Well I'm angry just looking at all my hard work and money wasted.
pictures to come later...


sUz said...

hi saRah,

To make you feel a bit better, I've read that orange is the color of wealth and attainment :)

iN jOy,

Janine said...

Too bad you can't collage the walls! lol, kids! I am sorry but i have to laugh! sorry!heeheeeheee

Jane said...

Ohhh.....that sucks. Sorry to hear about your wall issue. It's cool that you are listening to your son about the color he wants though...yer a sweet mama for that.

susan greene said...

Truthfully the most relaxing soothing color for bedroom walls is pink.....but even my daughters would not let me paint their walls pink. What about making one of the walls a chalkboard wall. Use (water-based) chalkboard paint. Yes you can collage a wall. Whatever images you use soak in water first and use wallpaper paste/glue, I have actually used elmers glue. I did an entire wall in my rec. room and it looks amazing.

Adrian said...

I, too, am sorry you are unhappy about the color and all the work. If your son is agreeable, you could do a nice toning down of the orange with white paint watered down and sponged in circles all around the room. It would probably take two go rounds, but everybody could help! You up on the ladder and kids down below. It will give the walls a fantastic finish. If you use a flat white, it comes out looking a lot like suede. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Orange is interesting and I'm sure you could make the walls gigantic backgrounds. Think of your son's walls as a page in your journal. I'll be you'll have fun then...! said...

My husbands favorite color is orange...!!!
love your work
I follow you now.

the giveaway will end this weekend.

Liz said...

I see those cool orange rooms in the magazines... always wish they had the actual color listed, yk?!

Hope you get it the way you and your son love it!