Sunday, January 09, 2011

Day 9

work in progress ... the collage with the 'shadow box'
i'm thinking encaustics for the collage. to knock it back and make the box more of a focal point. so that means a trip to dick blick for more art supplies. wheeee

even though i got some studio time in, i really should be posting pics of my son's pine wood derby car. This is the first time we have created a car and I really mean WE. the whole family is involved in this project. Grandpa used the bandsaw to cut out the shape Paul drew. We all took turns sanding. Today we managed the tricky business of adding weights. Paul will be painting the car tomorrow.
I guess the point of this experience is to have everyone involved and working together, but it seems like there is very little for the actual scout to do. Paul is only seven, so besides his crude car shape and sure to be interesting paint job, the rest is up to the adults. I will be very curious to see how well the other cars are done.

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CourtneyP said...

My boys are in scouts too! Last year my youngest wanted to make his car into a shark... we did it.