Wednesday, January 12, 2011

day 12

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I guess I've got snow on the brain. It looks like we're going to have snow on the ground for a while now.

I've had a good attitude this winter, until my sister reminded me it's only been officially winter for a few weeks. Talk to me at the end of February, she said.


I was awfully cold this afternoon. I have a hard time functioning if I'm cold. I start slowing down, and seeking out heat through hot baths or my electric blanket. I also have been known to bake potatoes just so I can have the oven on for an hour and afterwords I will leave the door open to let the warmth circulate out.

I did turn up the thermostat, twice, so it was running at 75.
Finally I was comfortable.

Tomorrow I think I'll layer more clothes on, and not be so reluctant to turn up the heat a degree or two. If it's the difference from being productive, or being uncomfortable and unmotivated, I choose productive.

1 comment:

Giggles said...

Such a lovely depiction of snow. I love the snow and we keep just getting just a tease of it! I have been known to bake potatoes for the same reason! Enjoy the snow!!!