Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15

this painting on ebay HERE

why is it when you're feeling run down is when you eat crappy food that makes you feel worse!?
dinner tonight was pistachios, a spicy v-8 and two packs of raspberry pez.
now i'm full and don't want to eat anything that might make me feel better, like fruit or yogurt or pasta.


the derby is over and a good time was had by all. Paul ran his car in four races and he placed second in all four. his overall times had him finishing 5th out of the 12 tiger scouts. a respectable showing if i say so myself. obviously i was never in scouts and my husband never was either so we were truly first timers.


i sent my slides over to an art fair i'm interested in. i find out if i was accepted on feb. 20.

so my two deadlines are met and now i can busy myself with other things, like MORE PAINTING :)


Jessie said...

Sarah I LOVE this! I've been doing a similar texture with acrylic paint to the one you've done on the grey dress. I scratched through to the underlying layer but I've got to say, yours is a lot neater than mine! :) xx

rossichka said...

I wish you success with your entry for the fair!
Another lovely painting! I like the dress with the "fish" effect fabric.