Thursday, January 13, 2011

day 13

i think this will be slide number two for the fair. there is a couple more things I may do to it, but haven't decided yet.

today was a strange day. i felt kind of tense, on edge.
i'm sure it's the two deadlines i have approaching.

I need to get the art fair slides emailed tomorrow, and Saturday is the pine wood derby.

i'm surprised how anxious that event is making me. There is so many components to doing the car and we've never done it it. We had to polish axles and balance wheels and carve and add weights and use graphite powder to reduce friction. Can't say I really enjoyed it much.
HOWEVER, i do believe that once we make it through this year, next year should be better.


Sandy said...

Good luck with the pine wood derby!I belonged to a church group that used to do them when I was young - in America. I won 1st place one year (before they started getting complicated in their engineering.)and my sister won 3rd. I also won best design another year.
then when my son was little, one of those groups was started over here near us in the UK.
I know he won a few times with design.
Sandy in the UK

Anonymous said...

hi sara,
somedays are diamonds and some are not. Hope you relax and start feeling better.
your canvas painting is coming along wonderfully.. your art has its own personal touch for sure!
keep on keeping on.
hugs, Darlene

canngil said...

Very pretty painting....
We went through about 12 years of Pine Wood Derby Days between our three sons. All those races, we had one winning car that belonged to the youngest. I am hoping that it was because we finally learned how to build it right! Good luck! How did your son paint his car?