Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day 11

workS in progress
today was a snow day for us all
schools and work were closed
sledding, hot cocoa and a scooby-doo movie was the order for the day
i managed to break away for just a bit.
just long enough to start some smaller pieces

i don't know how little children can handle the snow and the cold and still enjoy themselves.
the second time today they were out, the temp was dropping and the winds were picking up
a neighbor boy was with my two and they were laughing, climbing, falling as if it were a perfect 75 degrees out.
eventually Paul asked for his play tent, which they promptly put underneath their playground and all huddled in together.
like the inuit in alaska no doubt
sharing warmth and secrets
protected from the bitter north wind


rossichka said...

What a nice day you had all! Although snowy and freezing. Your story sounds cosy and warm... Yes, children have the gift of enjoying themselves in all kinds of situations. And this is so nice! The sad thing is that later on, when adults, most of us lose this capability and even forget we had once jumped under the rain without umbrellas or crawled in snow with wet gloves and boots.:)

Liliana Lucki said...

Originales y muy buenos tus trabajos.

Una belleza especial.