Thursday, January 07, 2010

snow dayS

We turned out to have a snow day after all! I think around 4 - 5 inches fell, and it was bitterly cold, so no school today AND no school tomorrow.
It's kind of nice to be 'trapped' inside with bad weather howling all around you.
I ate so much food today, but good food. Big salads, berries, turkey, pickles then a yummy dinner made from one of Annabel Karmel's cookbooks. She is one of my favorite cookbook authors. There are no dogs in her books, every recipe is a star.
I will have to leave the house tomorrow to get some scans done and to buy dishwasher detergent. I hope it's not to cold or dangerous out there! I'm safe and warm in here!


Anonymous said...

Very nice..!!

alkemilla said...

Beautiful. Really beautiful!