Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

It warmed up to 16 degrees today.
Tomorrow a winter storm arrives around dinner time.
I guess I better go get my milk and bread, or whatever it is everyone rushes out to buy in the event of snow.
I like snow, I want snow, I have a tobaggon that will fit me and my kids and I can't wait to take them sledding, but I won't be sledding in 10 degree, frigid, windy weather.

I worked on a painting today, I thought to post a work in progress, then tomorrow the finished piece...

You can see a sliver of my cluttered desk.
You will never see pictures of my studio gracing pages of a magazine. I always feel a little guilty, or ashamed, when I see a cute, color-coordinated, clean, cozy, workroom. I barely have time to floss my teeth, much less spend time decorating my studio. Perhaps someday, when my kids are older, or I'm finished with school, but right now if I can find time to paint, I am happy.


justagirl said...

I wish we had a snow storm on the way...

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hey! No shame in clutter--if you can create with small children, etc, more power to you. I had to give it up for a few years, so you are ahead of the game! I love this start and can't wait to see the finished painting.

Mindy Lacefield said...

i love the beginning of this one. can't wait to see the finished product. :-)

my studio stays a mess too...and no, its soooo not cute. and i don't have kids, school, or a "job"....ha!

i enjoy that you are blogging everyday. i can't wait to check to see what you are doing each day. thanks for sharing!

sarah said...

Mindy, I suspect that there are many of us 'messy' artists, maybe we should post pictures and see who can outdo each other :) I like that "it's soooo not cute" that perfectly describes my studio.