Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here are the paints I promised you... look how creamy, like butter

I love these paints, and they weren't expensive either, about $5.50 a tube, and they were 30% off this week.

Here is another painting in progress, I've been focusing on brushwork and layers lately. It's a fun (though time-consuming) way to paint.

Unrelated: Did any one 'get' Ping's outfit on the new season of Project Runway tonight? I would blame my lack of knowledge of avant-garde fashion, but the other designers pegged her as going home too. I do look forward to seeing more of her work, maybe it will make sense the more I see.


Anonymous said...

Your art is so beautiful, love every piece you create.



Sandy said...

I love these too!
The DalerRowney headquarters are here in Bracknell.
You would think that would be a Good Thing. but they don't have a shop! I think people who work there might be able to get seconds or something, but people in Bracknell still have to go to Art shops and hope they have the colours they want.

They have a textile extender, too, so you can add it and use them to paint on fabrics. It changes the hand, but if you follow the directions, it is permenant.

I love the cupboard door panintings!
Sandy in the UK

Shonna said...

Oooh, those paints do look creamy and dreamy! I am with you on not "getting" Pings design. But I do have to admit, I can't wait to see what she does next.

Tara said...

I'm really enjoying seeing how you create your gorgeous paintings. :)