Saturday, January 31, 2009

good gravy it's 31 days!

kinda how i've been feeling. looking at all the art i have lined up on shelves over my table, seeing the changes, noting things that are constant

what a wonderful experience this month has been!

i will be starting something different for february.

art every other day. i hope you all stay with me for it. i love your comments and my stat counter shows a slow increase in visitors.

my brother Tim, who watches my children twice a week, made this beautiful snowman with my son.

i am so grateful, as i have no idea how to make one.
but i am quite sure this is the best snowman i have ever seen.

favorite part? the hair


lil kim said...

Congratulations! That is such an achievement, and yes, a beautiful body of work that you have lined up. Well done! I like this last one, it's like your Mona Lisa.

sarah said...

lil kim that's high praise! thank you

jaybean said...

This work is absolutely beautiful! Well done!

JuliaRose said...

I have so enjoyed and been amazed at your work over the January Journal challenge...Thank you for sharing with everyone..I think you are am amazing talent...I have a feeling of surprise and wonder whenever I see the next one...
I am adding you to my blog fav