Friday, January 30, 2009

30 days

here is an oil painting of me and my naughty children


Sandy said...

I love the colour choice. blue/grey - you are being calm,(or discouraged?) orange - the children are being riotous.

Is that a ray of hope at the top, or the worry of looming disapproval from the store managers "on high" (like back in the old days when the ofice was at the top and they ould see everything that was going on.)

I always see stories. It may not be what was intended, but I do look at works with people that way. probably like people watching?

does it encourage you to hear what others see in your work?

I would love to buy one, but even if I had the money I would never be able to choose.

I am glad you share them this way though.
Sandy in the UK

Anonymous said...

love this art! Outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thats how it feels when I go shopping.... except I only have one.

sarah said...

Sandy - I think the emotion is resigned. and i love it when people share their thoughts about my work, it often leads me to seeing it in a new way, or getting something new out of it. I think the subconscious is hard at work when i paint.

thanks Julie-ann :)

Anonymous - i think shopping with both kids is my least favorite part. it's bad, real bad. It does keep me out of the stores though...

modmozart said...

This painting makes me remember being a child in a supermarket.

Being small has the advantage of out of sight mischief. I think kids hone onto that right away.

subconscious , fun to play a psychoanalyst. this must be a portrait of your super-ego. the id at play. the hidden reality of the bright colors being filtered to your blue grey ego.

modmozart said...

btw, this is probably my favorite painting so far. very exciting.

Danette said...