Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lady Bird

I can't even begin to describe how fun this painting was to create.

I have been painting non-stop for the last two days, just trying new things, thinking, really thinking about what I want my art to be, what it should say, and I have been rewarded.

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Silke said...

She is beautiful. I love her expression and her gorgeous eyes! Great colors!! :) Silke

Liz said...

absolutely L O V E L Y !!!

Pilli Pilli Handmade said...

Hello Sarah!

Than you for your sweet comments on my blog...
You're so right. Those 'dead' moments are really special, as usual they lead up to this real creative headrush.

And I see it has worked for you too ;) Well done! I love this painting!!! The wing adds a really soft touch to the whole... And I like the underlying layers of text... her story maybe?

Best wishes and don't be a stranger!
PilliPilli Handmade

Elaine said...

Thank you Sarah for your comments on my blog. I have to say that I really like your work.
Have a great day!

suziart said...

Love this ladybird!!! I have been trying new things with my art, trying to figure what direction to take, but that is part of the creative process...

Renee said...

Sarah your art is so fantastic.

I love all of it.

Renee xoxoxo