Monday, June 08, 2009

IF = Craving

I couldn't decide on just one craving...

Bid here

Today was Paul's first day of Kindergarten.
Actually it's called Jump Start to Kindergarten and it is part of his schools summer fun programs.
He was so brave, much braver than I was.
He kept saying the day before how he might cry when I had to leave, and I was cavalier about it, reassuring him that he would be fine, and many of his friends from preschool would be there.
When it was time to separate, his lower lip trembled just a bit, but he put on a very brave face.
My voice cracked, just a little, before I screamed at myself to 'get it together' and gave him a hug n' kiss.
When I picked him up, four long hours later, he chatted happily about the new friends he made, and playing on the playground. Oh and snack time was fun too.
Sounds about right for a little boy, recess and lunch are his favorite classes.


adrienne trafford said...

that is such a sweet story - he was so brave! i miss those days.

This is a beautiful painting - you have a unique style

sarah said...

it just feels monumental, like very quickly our lives are moving from me being his world, to him discovering the world for himself.
It is bittersweet.

pretty day said...

I love her dreamy expression. Very pretty.

Jessie said...

Oh I know how you feel! I remember it well. It's great that this illustration reflects how you're feeling, I did a similar piece in my sketchbook at the time I was going through this, I think it kind of helps doesn't it?x

Coreopsis said...

Good for you, marching right along with him taking his early steps away from you.

I really like the painting. None of those several things look like true cravings, because their symbols are small, and surrounded by white, and seem very separate from her. To me it looks more like they're just little things, like, "Hmm, shall a cup of coffee would be nice...or maybe..." More contemplantive. It's a lovely piece.

Sarahlynn said...

We opted out of the Jump Start to Kindergarten program in favor of another year of preschool's Extended School Year (an option for us because of Ellie's IEP). So we'll be taking the Kindergarten plunge in August. I'm excited, hopeful, anxious, and scared to death, all at once.

Congrats to you and Paul!

Michelle Eaton said...

Great painting! Love your work :)


Renee said...

Glad you kept it together Mom.

Renee xoxo

queen-of-nostalgia said...

I swear, my kids break my heart every day (in a good way... loving them so much I think my heart will burst just a tiny bit) and they make me laugh at the same time :)

I just browsed through your blog - beautiful work! LOVE your style :)