Sunday, June 07, 2009


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This painting reminds me of my best friend Erica, who moved to Washington (state) last summer. She signs her letters, "Always" so I thought that was an appropriate title.
I miss her, but she will be visiting in September, and we talk every week...

SO! It seems that my new pattern is listing four paintings a week, then taking Friday and Saturday off. It feels manageable, my house is clean, my children are happy and I'm cooking every meal (average 2 meal out a month!)
Of course things can't stay this way, school starts Jun 18th, so that will be an adjustment.

Another exciting development is I may be trading in my 1998 Honda CRV for a similar year/mileage Toyota Sienna. I have serious mini-van envy and so why not make a lateral move? This might take a few months as I would like to save up as much $$$$ as possible to upgrade to a slightly newer vehicle.

I don't mind driving an older car, I don't need the newest greatest shiniest thing. Since I buy Honda or Toyota, they are very reliable, and I love not having a car payment. Of course someday, my dream is to buy a BRAND NEW car, at least once in my life. We'll see...


Elaine said...

Hello Sarah,
This is a lovely painting. I realy like their delicate hands.

Evangelina Prieto said...

Un viento de otoño me empujó por aquí y me encontré un bello sitio y unas hermosas ilustraciones...
Te dejo mi abrazo

Sarahlynn said...

I completely lack the skills, eye, and vocabulary to talk about art. But I can say this:

I really like the contrast between the more abstract/modern shapes of the bodies and the fine detail and almost old-fashioned feel of the faces.