Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I used lots of transparent glazes on this painting. To make my glazes I use Golden fluid acrylics and mix with my matte medium. I can control the amount of saturation using this method. I can get washes with just the barest hint of color, so I can apply layers and layers, building up the darker areas.
Sometimes I like to work quickly, boldly, and sometimes, like today, I like to take my time and watch the image emerge.

print here
original here


sUz said...

She's beautiful saRah! I just love her intense eyes.
iN jOy,

Chrissie Grace said...

i've been trying really hard not to spend extra money but I'm gonna have to get a couple of your pieces. I'm in love...
I just have to decide which 2 I love the MOST!
Chrissie Grace

Liz said...

You made a comment on my blog today -- thank you so much for the kind words!

I am absolutely thrilled you stopped by as I now have the pleasure of seeing your art for the first time! BREATH-TAKING. I don't know how I could have missed you on etsy!

Liz xoxo

Elaine said...

Thank you Sarah for visiting in leave a comment on my new blog. I am really enjoying seeing your paintings. I think your figures have a personality and strength on their own. Bravo! Elaine : )

canngil said...

Dear Sarah,
I am inspired by the effects that you use so well in your paintings!
I am trying to teach myself how to use the different acrylic mediums and glazes. can you recommend a good book or web site??

alkemilla said...

That's one of my favourite! Great piece. Love her face and ocher-gray contrast.

Magaly Ohika said...

I love her beautiful imperfections of her face, she pulls me in. I find her to be powerful yet so peaceful. I love this painting!