Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dancing Queen

In yesterday’s news the story that made me chuckle was the scandalous piece about Michelle Obama touching the Queen. This is a big no-no in royal protocol. No one touches the Queen. If she does extend a hand for a handshake you are supposed to offer a limp touch in return.
They were posing for pictures and the Queen put her arm lightly around the waist of Mrs. Obama and Michelle did the same.
An innocent gesture?
Or a bold attempt to humanize the monarchy?


audrey said...

Oh goodness, I could never be friends with the Queen. I am a very "touchy", friendly person (in a good way). And a limp handshake? I grew up being taught that a strong handshake was the only handshake. It all sounds very "cold" to me. How sad to be royalty.
By the way, Sarah, I LOVE your paintings and I am going to follow your Blog.

Sarah said...

I loved that moment! I didn't see it in terms of publicity-more as a little social awkwardness that was dealt with in a natural way because of the lovely personality of Michelle Obama. I think the Queen may have got to that stage of life where she just doesn't care anymore-two days later and she is being cross at the Italian PM!