Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Answer: Swing

Question: What my daughter wishes she was doing right now.

I have a five year old boy and a two year old girl and no swing set.
My neighbors have nice wooden sets, and Lila is constantly breaking into their yards when she thinks I'm not looking. Because she's big enough and smart enough to not throw herself off the top of the slide, I've decided this is the year for us. Actually, this is the month for us. I've given myself a deadline so it's not suddenly September and we're still shopping for just the "right one". I think I've found one that would fit in our small, hilly, wooded, strange backyard. I just need to double check dimensions, talk with the crew (husband and friends) and order it.

Wish me luck, I'm so freaking excited for my kids. They will be over the moon.

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Valerie Lorimer said...

Oh, the joy of swining! I love this piece you did. The colors are fabulous. My oldest daughter loved to swing when she was younger (she's a teen now!). She could be on there for hours and be perfectly happy. When we bought our house 11 years ago, we were delighted that there was a kid's swingset/treehouse already in place - and the best part...an adult swing for two also!