Thursday, March 27, 2008


so very

I am finishing up a bear of a paper. It will end up over 15 pages, 12 pt type, double-spaced, times new roman. Subject? Adolescence. It involved three observations, one formal and two informal. Plus reading lots and lots of journal articles. I started about two weeks ago, because somewhere in my education I learned not to procrastinate. Now in my real life I procrastinate all the time, but in school life I start early and divide things up into manageable tasks, and work on some part of it every day. The paper is a paragraph or two away from being done, then tomorrow will be spent on editing, and Saturday I turn the darn thing in. Saturday night much rejoicing will commence. Then after a brief reprieve on Sunday, I will begin my last paper I have to write for the semester. Subject? Kachinas. A silly little flip of a paper, only needing to be 3 - 5 pages.

But I am tired. I was infected with a cold/flu thing last Wednesday, and have been achy, sore throaty, runny nosey and sleepy sleepy.

I want to paint, but find myself with no energy, physically or mentally. I just want to watch Celebrity Apprentice and go to bed. Is that wrong?

Perhaps tomorrow...

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