Tuesday, March 04, 2008

oil vs acrylic

I've noticed in a lot of the art I like, particularly my fellow blogger, ebay artists, and etsy artists, very very few will incorporate oils. I wonder why this is. Is the the intimidation factor? Not being familiar with them? The ease of acrylics? The speed of acrylics?
I have worked primarily with acrylics the last 3 years, and recently in the last 6 months or so, have begun exploring oils.
Where have you been all my life. They are so beautiful.

I've begun doing backgrounds and underpaintings with acrylic because I can get a lot built up very quickly.
But when it's time to paint, I get out the oils.
Yes, there are problems with them.
The clean-up
The odors.
I think I'm a bit delirious right now because I've been painting in my basement studio, with the windows closed, because were in the middle of a small snowstorm, and my turpenoid jar open.
That's the part I really don't like, the fumes.
But everything else I either deal with or Love Love Love
I work sporadically. I walk away from the painting alot. I can always pick back up at most any time and continue.

Just wondering what others thought...


Peter said...

I think there are waterbased (or something) oilpaint that doesn't smell so bad. (W&N Artisan)
But maybe they're not so good?

sarah said...

I've heard of those, I've never used them but I should investigate, thanks for the tip!

msteeleart said...

I love oil paint but do not like the smells used with the traditional oils. I tried the W&N Artisan water soluble oils and didn't like them so well but I found another water soluble oil that I really like and they dry pretty fast. They are called holbein duo aqua water soluble oils. I love your paintings by the way. :)