Saturday, March 15, 2008

lady in waiting

I have two more paintings done, but you can't see them yet.
Such is the life of an oil painter.
I get to wait, and wait
and wait
for my paintings to dry.
I have tried out the water-soluble oil paints, and am thrilled with the results.
Basically the same properties of regular oil, but none of the toxicity. I can happily paint away in my poorly venalted studio with no ill-effects. However now that spring is coming I can open the window.
The funny thing about my "new" oils is that they take even LONGER to dry than regular oils. I bought some medium to mix with the paint to help speed the drying, so we'll see if that helps at all.
But soon I'll have my new stuff up, I'm thinking of adding them right to my etsy because the one lonely painting I had there is now sold.


Peter said...

I had to try some oilpainting myself, since you said such lovely things about them. (Not the watery kind though) It was so nice, and absolutely addictive. :)

I like your words. As well as your paintings.

Diane Duda said...

Congratulations on your etsy sale. I loved that painting, and if we didn't have 3 teenage boys draining our wallets I'd have bought it long ago. :(


I have only one lonely painting in my poor etsy shop too.


sUz said...

hi sAraH!
Can't wait to see what's new! Congrat on your etsy sale!
iN jOy,