Thursday, March 20, 2008


Theres a group of Native Americans that existed in the California area, known for their extroadinary basket making skills. These baskets were so finely made that they actually cooked in them. Pottery and ceramics were not widely used. To cook in them they would fill them with water then take some stones from the fire and add them to the basket. The heat from the rocks would boil/steam the water and whatever food they added. Pretty clever.

The Pomo were so skilled that they would purposly skip a space of their design so it wouldn't be perfect, as only God can create something perfect.

Eventually the women, who were the weavers of these fine baskets, started having contests. First, who could make the largest basket. That eventually gave way to who could make the smallest. The picture below is the only one I could find on google. I actually have seen a slide of smaller baskets, so small that several could fit on a dime. These baskets are just as carefully made as a full size one, as the design woven in, had to fufill certain requirements.


Marina said...

I love this post!! Thank you for sharing it!

BeverlyKayeGallery said...

Wish I could have seen the tiny baskets better. I'm a real fan of the Southwest, and recently added a group of vintage pottery for sale on my site. You have a great collection and your story about the Pomo basket makers is wonderful!
Thank you!