Sunday, February 21, 2010


Kind of a dreary Sunday. I kept the kids in all day, it was rainy, muddy and cold, but I can see spring, I feel it, and it's right around the corner.

I've been battling squirrels for the last week or so. I am determined to feed all the lovely birds that live in my yard. I have a huge, bright red cardinal, a noisy, busy woodpecker, with an orange shock of hair on the back of his head, several little things I call chickadees, and I love them all. When I have my bird feeder up, they flock to it, and the kids and I delight in watching them for as long as they are feeding. Unfortunately, all too soon, the squirrels arrive. Once the squirrels figure out how to get to the food they monopolize the feeders, or worse, dump the seed out. This is the third feeder I have gone through. This is supposed to be 'squirrel proof'

At least they can't pour the seed out, but since they discovered how to eat out of this one, the birds have been scarce. Also this feeder is a bit small, and the cardinal and woodpecker can't seem to land and eat.

Any ideas out there!!!


canngil said...

Electrify it??
just kidding....
what if you have a feeder for the squirrels? Would that distract them from the bird goodies?

Mundo Mundaca said...

Feed the squirrels! :)they are more interesting funny and entertaining that the birds.

Lisa said...

Love the hait on this one : ) Naughty naughty squirrels!

jgr said...

Hi Sarah,
I have the same issue with squirrels. The one thing I have found that works is the 'Hot Meats' bird seed. They have it at Whole Foods or you could probably mix your own with cheyenne pepper. The reason it works: Squirrels don't like the spice, birds don't have tastebuds so they can't taste it. I hope this helps!