Wednesday, February 10, 2010

blue angels

woo wee! what a week! I feel like a broken record, but sometimes I just can't keep up with my life. It's a cycle of normal, crisis event, recovering from crisis event, sitting around looking at the fallout and wondering how I got a week behind on laundry, again.
My husband and I are pretty good budgeters. We can predict most expenses, have plans if faced with crisis, live within our means and put away what we can for the future.
YET somehow, I can not translate those skills over to actually living my life.
We have a financial advisor,
I think I need a life advisor.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Budgets are good in theory for me too :)
I LOVE your girls!

Marion said...

Hi Sarah,
you know what helps me in getting done what I want in a week?
I make a list every sunday. Okay, not every sunday, and I can tell you those weeks are a mess...
Anyway. I make this list with small, well measurable goals. Actually I start with a month-plan each first of the month. Those are bigger broader goals, such as: painting the stairs, building my website, writing a programm for the workshop. For the weeks I write down goals such as, sanding the stairs (1st week), choosing colour (2nd week) painting (3rd week) etc.
I'm doing this since january first as a new year resolution.
And it's working for me!
Even if the stairs were already on my list in january... and i didn't start sanding because there is suddenly an option of moving...

sarah said...

Marion - I love lists, I always do better with lists, why don't I use lists more?! I like your idea too with goals for the month. I am going to put it in to action right away

Liz said...

I too have lists everywhere! This way I'm bound to finish most of them sooner or later. I have a big blackboard in my kitchen that helps SO MUCH! Cuz I don't *lose* it, hehe.