Tuesday, July 01, 2008


somehow, since i've been out of school, I have even LESS free time.
I have been so busy with my kids, every day we are at the park, or swimming, or Paul will have a little day camp. I've been enjoying every minute of it. I usually paint during Lila's nap, but I'm still recovering a bit, and I'm tired and hot after our morning excursion, so will take a little rest too.

Home projects have eaten up a lot of my time as well. We painted our bedroom, a rich deep blue. Then we had contractors in to lay ceramic tile in our two bathrooms. That of course motivated us to strip wallpaper, paint and decorate those rooms. Lowe's and Target should give us own parking spots, for "customer of the month"

Things seem to be settling down though, so will have to make it a priority for a little me time each day.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya about these busy summer days...I've had my 2 kids plus one extra for the last few weeks...I bought them one of those giant blue pools to live in so that helps keep them busy...That's cool that you have been working on your house...I was just thinking that for all the good ideas I come up with I should focus some of it on our house! For some reason, no matter how much space we have, my art stuff takes over and spills out into the rest of the house? I think I am doing well if tables are cleared off and the floor is vaccuumed.
Bless you Sarah. Good to hear you are enjoying normal summer days.

sarah said...

I have a nice room in our basement for my "stuff" yet if you were to look around the rest of our house you would find jewelry supplies in our china cabinet, knitting stuff in a cabinet in our living room and of course books, books, books everywhere. I'm looking for a new shelf to put in our living room to house more of my art books. I've got them spilling out of bins in the basement.
A cleared off table? What's that?
Some day we will move to a bigger house, but until then we will just be bursting at the seams.
I really am enjoying this time with my kids, my four yr old is already so independent, I realize how precious this time is.

Vajra said...

Hi, Sarah. I put your youtube video on my blog. My daughter was so taken with it she's sharing it on her facebook page. So your vision is getting out there while you enjoy your children and get to feeling better. On another note, I tried to get "I will do it myself" but time got away from me. I love your work: if I were a rich girl...

Anyway, have a glorious Independence day.