Friday, July 25, 2008

cruise control

I’m feeling better, my mouth is still a bit sore, but my spirits are higher.

I’ve almost sorted out many things that had been weighing on me, distracting me. I had Lila enrolled at two “preschools” because I’m crazy like that. I will be sending her to what was actually my first choice, only on Friday mornings. Then she can go to the home care on Mon, Wed afternoons, after staying home with me in the morning.

I spent one of my sick days applying for the new semester, requesting transcripts and other such paper finding missions. I love the internet. I was thinking about how much gas money I was saving each time I printed out a form, or hit submit.

This has been a fast and furious summer. I’m putting on the brakes for the next three weeks and will be savoring the moments.

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Mary said...

Sarah-I just found your blog. I like your style of art. I really like "fierce". I wish I could take lessons on how to do what you do. Your art is great!!