Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Lila is becoming such a little person. It's a gift to watch a child develop. She recently started giving hugs. Feeling her skinny little arms snake around my neck while she gives a squeeze, or even better, a deliberate pat, is pure bliss. She talks a bit, jabbers a lot, and has begun singing, really more of an off-tune warbling, but all I hear are angels.
Lila doesn't like to wear clothes, but after a week straight of finding her naked in a wet bed, we got smart. She now goes to sleep with a pull-up, panties, a onesie and pajama bottoms on. We've been dry for three days now.
Lila does like to draw. I feel like the father buying football jerseys for his newborn son, whenever I get out the crayons, but she truly enjoys it. I will buy a big sheet of posterboard, put it on the floor with crayons, and a couple days later have a masterpiece.

Forgive me if in a detail of her scribbles, I see the depth and precision of a Pollock


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah -

What a sweet note about Lila, especially about the hugs!! Brings back memories of Emily when she was small. Your kids are lucky to have you and Mike for parents to appreciate and encourage them.

See ya sometime!!

Linda A.

allison strine said...

Hi Sarah! I just stumbled onto you at Etsy - groovy work, girl!

Sarah said...

Hey Linda,
Good to hear from you. Hope everything is well. Email me!

Thanks Allison!