Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what is for dinner tonight?

the question that plagues me day in and day out.

tonight it was resolved in top form. this is not a recipe blog, but i do regard cooking as somewhat of an artistic endeavour, well, good cooking anyway. so here's what we had...

mini grilled brie and spinach sammies
sweet potato fries
red seedless grapes

here's how to make the sandwiches.
make many 1/2" slices of french bread
spread apricot jam on one side
saute a little baby spinach in a little garlic, olive oil and pinch of salt till wilted.
thinly slice brie and put on jam sides
put spinach on top of brie
top with other slice of bread
butter both sides of bread
place in skillet, press with a bacon press, or plate or with your spatula
cook both sides until golden brown

i am not a recipe writer but hopefully you get the idea. delicious, easy and healthy. my favorite type of food!

did you have something good for dinner you want to share? i always am looking for new ideas.

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