Thursday, May 15, 2008

school's out for summer!

Saturday was also my last class for the semester. It was my painting class and I'm even glad that is over. I'm confused about what that classes purpose actually is. Is it to teach everyone to paint like Rembrandt? Because if it is, that ain't happening. It should be a place for people to learn and explore their own artistic visions and be creative and play. I know it's a college course, and it's supposed to be "serious", but why is "realism" the golden standard.

After listening to student after student tear apart their own paintings, so dissatisfied with their work, the hopelessness, "I'll never paint like so and so..." I felt like half of them may leave and never paint again. When I chose my paintings for the final critique I used a fairly realistic portrait and some of my more "whimsical" pieces. I quickly breezed over the portrait, then talked about my mixed media pieces. The class came alive with questions, "what did you use", "how did you do that", "I really like this part" etc. I was surprised at their reactions, but I shouldn't have been. I made sure to mention, that even though my girls are not painted in a "realistic way" that I love painting like this and it makes me happy.

And isn't that what it's all about?

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