Thursday, July 01, 2010


Our little family was hit with some bad news last week,
our beloved kitty of nine years has cancer, a tumor in her jaw.

When I say she is the perfect cat, I mean she is the perfect cat. I've had cats my whole life and my previous kitty who lived to 18, was wonderful, and we thought we would never have one so good, and then we met Jezebel. The minute we held her at the shelter, she curled up in the nook of my arm with her nose in my elbow and started purring. She hasn't stopped purring.
She takes meticulous care of herself. The white spots on her are so soft and brilliantly clean. Her hair looks a little unkempt in this photo taken today because she can't keep it up now.
And friendly! She doesn't know a stranger. Most cats are at least skittish of strangers but the minute you sit down in our house you have a purring calico in your lap. She sits on Mikes lap at dinner, and sleeps with Paul most nights.

She has just a little time left, and we are just loving her up.

If you have a pet or even a loved one, give them an extra hug tonight.


jgr said...

Your Jezebel is gorgeous. I am so sorry she's ill. I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts.

Jackie said...

I know exactly how you feel. We just lost a beloved cat. Sending you HUGS!

Joella said...

it's so hard losing our little friends. My kitty, Harley died a few years back of the same thing. I was thankful to have the time we did to say our goodbyes. hugs to you and your family

Cris said...

I'm sorry your kitty is sick. She is really beautiful. I know it is sad when they get old and sick and can't groom themselves as well anymore, but she still looks gorgeous. My family has lived through several kitties. It always helped my kids when they were little to draw pictures of the kitties in "kitty heaven" with all the comforts a kitty could ask for. When our kitties passed this activity helped my kids deal with their grief. My daughter's pictures were quite elaborate and she hung them in her room for a long time..just something to keep in mind for your little guy. Blessing to you all~

sarah said...

Thanks you all! You understand, it's so hard to experience, knowing ahead of time, but I guess it's better this way, and I've kind of made peace with it.

Poppy Q said...

Hi Sarah,
I have just discovered your lovely ETSY shop, art and blog.

Sorry to hear about your sweet girl - we hope you still get some good days with her.

Julie and Poppy Q

Saschi said...

as an owner of 9 cats and 3 jack russells i understand the impact of your loss. as an animal rescuer i've seen my share of grief, but remember these little ones "breathe" and that breath comes from the good lord almighty and so they are gifted with the spirit which goes on and on. may she be one who escorts you to heaven!
god bless you!
and your little cat too.

Anonymous said...

she looks and sounds a darling. i'm so sorry she is sick; make every moment count. xxx