Saturday, March 13, 2010


After a year of saving, researching, and hunting, I have my new (used) mini-van!!!
I am so excited and happy :)
(As well as nervous and stressed, but lets just talk about the good, shall we?)
I can't believe I'm so excited about a mini-van, how soccer mom of me.
Never mind that neither of my children play soccer, and that my son's favorite activity is the science club at this school ;)
Actually, the idea of a van always appealed to me, (you can fit more friends in!)
I come from a big family, and we are very close and some combination of us get together at least once a week. Now when we go somewhere, we can all ride together.

I have to say as far as mini-vans go, mine is very swanky... I'll just brag on it a bit...
Leather seats
heated front seats
sun roof
remote start (not sure what I would use that for)
power everything
three separate climate controls for driver, passenger and back seats.

When we were driving home from the dealers I had mine on 70, Mike had his on 68 and kids had theirs on 72, and we were all happy as clams.

I don't think I will be missing my last car, except maybe in the snow (it had AWD)
It was a '98 Honda CR-V. I bought it in 2000 and drove it for 10 years. I like to hold on to my cars, buying cars ranks up there with life's most stressful events and I try to avoid it at all costs. I hope to drive my van for the next 10 years and maybe even pass it on to Paul who will be 16 by that point. What a crazy thought! I hope the next ten years don't pass as quickly.
The Honda served me very well, and had only one repair done (radiator)
May this one do as well..


Cris said...

Yeah for mini vans! ha ha My children are all college aged and I still have mine. It is hard to go back to a smaller car when you get used to all the extra room. It's great for antique shopping! Also, like you said--we can all 5 fit in it when we go somewhere together and still have room for the boyfriends! Sounds like you got a fancy one! Looks like spring is about sprung here in the St. Louis area. Have a great weekend!

luci said...

It sounds very swanky. presumably the remote is to send the mini van round to pick you up! Enjoy.

Mindy Lacefield said...

i am a honda fan too. congrats on the new van! have fun with it. hugs. i love the new painting :-) xo. mindy

canngil said...

Sarah--Congrats on your new set of wheels! I bet you could use the remote start-up to warm the engine when it is cold outside, so you can come out to a nice toasty car! Let us know if that works!

Liz said...

vans rock! we've had one forever...
your art is gorgeous as usual!