Wednesday, August 05, 2009


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I'm having salad bar and pizza for dinner
I like to tear up some romaine lettuce, slice hard boiled eggs, chop up some turkey, get out the olives and croutons, a couple dressings, sunflower seeds, anything else that sounds good
and arrange them all in one of my kids divided plates so my hubby and I can make our own salads, just like at a salad bar!
then I pop a cheapy supreme pizza into the oven, and we have a tasty inexpensive EASY dinner


Silke said...

Sounds like delicious dinner. Good thing I already had a BLT or I'd be really hungry now... Great painting as usual. I really love the map showing on her face and neck. Great!! :) Silke

Alexandra said...

amazing work.
and the dinner sounds just fantastic!

suziart said...

geezzz, i am starving now!

Valerie Lorimer said...

Hey Sarah! Just saw your comment on my blog. i'm excited about the sponsor thing - and I love Kelly's work. Thank you so much - I did get the beautiful Electricity print. Can't wait to hang it. Oh - and I love the Lucid piece!!

Patricia González Palacios said...

Hello, beautiful pictures that I am not tired of seeing them, a greeting from chile paty

Renee said...

Wonderful art Sarah.