Monday, August 24, 2009


For one who does not like change, I sure am making a few around here.

First of all I am trying something different on ebay. The talented and prolific Heather Galler has offered to take over selling my paintings on ebay. She has developed quite a following on ebay and is taking on a few artists to help promote their work. The painting above is called "Hopeful" and is listed HERE for a starting bid of $0.01!

Hopeful is also how I am feeling about a new gallery my art will be displayed in soon. Cranky Yellow has asked for some work so I gave them four originals and six prints. Stop in and visit them if you live in St. Louis!

I have several other things brewing, but I'll save them for another post...


Patricia González Palacios said...

I love your blog, your women are beautiful, saludos paty

Annette Q said...

Oh, what a pretty dress! I love using bubblewrap to print, it leaves a great effect. Congratulations on getting your work exhibited :-)

Janine said...

Love this piece!

Lucky you, how did you find Heather Galler? If I may ask?