Sunday, June 01, 2008

South Side Iron Chef

Our town has a little event called South Side Iron Chef. Basically a few local talents join to cook in a dear friends backyard to the amusement of a peanut gallery. Last time they used fire pits, today they will be using George Foreman grills. During a round, two chefs will cook against each other, having one hour to complete a 3 or 4 dishes incorporating a secret (usually terrible) ingredient revealed at the event. Then a few lucky tasters and a table of judges (local restaurant critics) will get to sample all their dishes. At the last Iron Chef some of the secret ingredients where Wonder Bread and canned mock duck.

Not your typical Sunday afternoon bbq, but a great time for me and my family, and a lot of my friends I never get to see will be there.

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Mariel said...

You write very well.