Thursday, September 09, 2010

summer FUN

This year we got 6-flags season passes for me and the kids and even Dad! We probably went six or seven times over the summer, never more than four hours at a time, and it was perfect. We would arrive when it opened and stay till we got tired or too hot or hungry. We never ate there and got a refillable .99 cent soda so we tried to get by as cheaply as possible. I think this may become an every other year tradition for us. After the initial outlay of money, it became something fun we could do without thinking about cost. And since our previous plan of a trip to the Florida panhandle got postponed, it wasn't that bad of a summer vacation for staying in town.

It turns out my six year old son is a roller coaster junkie and so is his dad. Lila, little three year old Lila loved the mine train coaster and would beg to go again and again. We have started a tradition of getting our family picture on the log flume at least once a summer. This was our pic from this year. I SWEAR Lila is enjoying herself. As soon as we get off she says "Again!"

I may use this as our holiday card this year. Should I add little santa hats on us?

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Giggles said...

Those are the best holidays, stacations.....they'll remember it forever!