Thursday, October 22, 2009

two birds

Another cabinet door painting, I love working bigger!

I almost didn't get this painting listed, there was a GIANT green cricket in my studio today camped out on this painting.
I waited,
I waved paper at him,
I made loud noises,
I left and came back later...
I finally get fed up, tilted the painting up, expecting him to jump off
So then I had to push him off with a paintbrush
He's still in my studio somewhere :(

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
you are so funny.. a cricket.. you should have lifted him up by his bitty hinny and moved him out!!
Love all of your work and the painting on the cupboard is great!
Hugs, Darlene xo

purplecat said...

Love this! angels and birds my fav things!...wonder where the cricket is now?

Kelly Lish said...

This is stunning-I love the colors! Obviously the cricket really liked it too. I'm sure that is a sign of something...
This painting is very soothing-I love it!

Valerie Lorimer said...

This is beautiful Sarah! The colors are so gorgeous. You're hooked on big now, eh? I just finished an 18x24 not too long ago - big for me!

Susan - said...

Your work is beautiful! So glad I found you.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I know the world neesd bugs but I reaaly do not want them touching me !!!!

wanda miller said...

i love your work so much...and i laughed right out loud about the cricket...last week i couldn't sleep 'cause one was so LOUD in our bedroom. the minute my husband got out of bed in the morning, it stopped chirrpping. when the front door shut behind him, the cricket began again-i could not shut him up. :0

Tara said...

I really love this painting! I love it even more because it's on a door! It's making me feel quite inspired which is no mean achievement lately - thank you!

dolores pardo said...

me encanta tu trabajo / love it!!