Tuesday, September 22, 2009

come together

Yesterday my to-do list had 14 items. Last night around 7 pm I finished the last one. Now I get to start all over today, currently my list has seven items, one of which is to get Lila's new (used) daybed painted white. We are moving her to a big girl bed this weekend. But to start off the day, Lila and I are going to Zoomagination at the zoo.
I'll just have to get to the other stuff later.

painting on ebay HERE


julie Haymaker thompson said...

I am having morning coffee, Thinking about my to do list and also thinking if I give my newly retired hubby a to do list is nagging. HMM question of the day .. Have fun painting the day bed Is she excited about going to the "big" girls bed?

eme de rita said...

son tan lindas tus pinturas...me encanta mirarlas y buscar cada pequeño detalle.

allison said...

I love the faces of your women, are just fascinating!