Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I’ve been sick this last week. Some respitory thing, which is annoying, but more annoying is how tired I’ve been. Like go to bed at 9pm tired. And I wake up tired. And I’m tired in the middle of the day so I need a nap tired.

But I think I’m finally getting better and have been trying to speed along my recovery.

Yesterday I worked out for 16 min on my wii fit. Today I tried to drink a lot of water. Right now I’m eating a salad for dinner.

When I’m not feeling well I crave heavy, bloating foods, you know, comfort food. Pizza, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and lots of it, forget normal portions. After the enormous lunch I ate, I figured a salad was on the menu.

I have to say, I am not enjoying it very much. Hopefully my body will appreciate all the extra nutrients and not having to digest a bunch of red meat and repay me by giving me a little burst of energy.

This painting was a bright spot in my day yesterday.


Anonova said...

Those eyes are so clear and focused! It looks like she's leaning in to hear the hummingbird. :)

lil kim said...

I'm amazed you can do anything so beautiful in the middle of sickiness. Hope you feel better.

jaybean said...

Love this new collage!

Happy to hear you are feeling better! Do I understand about comfort food and illness! And also, it is funny but I too have been feeling tired so has my husband. I told him we need to change our eating habits. Vegetarianism is sounding really good to me.

So a continued and quick recovery!

Thanks for the beautiful art!

sarah said...

I am feeling better. Last night when I got home from class I felt great, so the salad must have worked :)

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Charming post and painting. Even with your youth, vim and vigor, sometimes it's helpful to just slow down. Stay well.