Friday, April 18, 2008

shaken and stirred

Last night we had an earthquake, little ol' Missouri. It registered 5.2.
It happened around 4:30 in the morning, and it woke my husband and myself. It seemed to last a long time. We lay in bed, feeling the house vibrating. He sleepily asks me, "Why is the house shaking?" I assumed it must be an earthquake, but that seemed absurd, so I said "I don't know." Then he replies, "Well, can you go see?"

Um, no

I have to admit, I was a little scared, so I scooted closer to him, and held his hand till I fell back asleep. This morning I raced to the tv and turned on local news, and sure enough, earthquake. There seems to be minor damage around town. A few bricks fell from a bridge in the city.

The strange thing is before the quake woke me, I was having a dream about a sort of natural disaster. A giant earthworm, monster creature thing was traveling underground and pushing up buildings and highrises and generally wrecking havoc. Hmmm...


Mike said...

So I have to rebut. One of my jobs ended up to check on anything that goes bump in the night. If Paul hollars out for something or falls outta bed, that me. If one of the cats knocks something over, I go see what's up. If the police pound on the door screaming "open up", I have to go let them in.

Well last night I was tired. I was exactly half way through a 12 hour sleeping binge (awesome). So basically I was asking Sarah to go make sure our water heater didn't blow up or anything.

sUz said...

hi saRah,

What a surreal experience that had to be! Glad all is well!

Love your eBay painting - and love the eBay to go!

iN jOy,